Full Moon Spells

by The Starry Nights

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released February 3, 2015

Art by Sam North!

Recorded by Kate Kane and Trevor Treiber

Produced and mixed by Trevor Treiber

All songs written by Fairuza Balk, except for Black Witch written by Kate Kane and Heather Cousins, You Must Be Confused written by Trevor Treiber



all rights reserved


Kate Kane Coralville, Iowa

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Track Name: Lose It
Everything is so great inside my head tonight and I don't really understand
How can I relate to you when my problems are fallin out of my hands
And I don't wanna think about anything except for where I wanna be
And while I'm out finding where that is I guess I'll just keep on going dreaming
And I just can't fucking wait, yes I just can't fucking wait
It's gonna be so fucking great

Please kick my head across the floor
I can't do this anymore
And I don't care I know it's good for nothing
Please don't give me any more time
I don't wanna change my mind
Cuz now I'm seeing things more clear than ever
And I don't think things will get any better
Don't think things will get any better than now

Don't wanna sleep anymore
Do you know what I'm waiting for
Just gotta stop and stall
I'm gonna lose it or never find it at all
Track Name: Graveyard Date
I don't really know you, but I really think that we should meet
Maybe I shoulda told you, you're smokin hot and I can hardly take the heat
You ask what I'm up to, got some full moon love spells up my sleeve
You said you frequent the graveyard, you've said enough
Your witch broom swept me off my feet, and I'm weak
And I'm afraid of fallin again
But tonight at this graveyard is a good place to begin

At the graveyard tonight, it's alright
If you take my hand under the moonlight
I hope I can think of what to say
Scared to look in your eyes, it's not right
I know I should wait for another day
But it's not today, now it's tonight
Track Name: Don't Wanna Go Out
Last Thursday night it was singer-songwriter night, wish I had gone for the highlights
I've never got something to do
But I guess if I keep looking in her eyes then something might just go alright
Just keep holding onto what is true
Everyone's a stranger and makes no sense to me
I know I'm not endangered but maybe I should be

I don't wanna go out tonight I'd rather smash my face in the door
Everybody is pushing me to do the things I've ignored
And I don't like the things they say but they keep going anyway
I don't know why I feel this way
I don't know why I feel this way
Why I feel this way

I don't wanna try it but I'm not giving in
Don't knock it til you've tried it not letting someone in
Track Name: Nothing You Can't Do
I've got the patience, I've got control
Of my own self and that is all I need to know
And now I'm taking my own advice
I feel so centered and empowered and it is nice
And I am going all the places right when I decide to go
Just don't ask and I won't tell you cuz you probably shouldn't know

I'm not the only one for you
There's so many great things in your life right ahead of you
Don't stop to think about the past
Everything is changing and there's nothing you can't do

And now you're taking all of your time
Searching for something that you might never find
Instead of waiting, maybe you try
To look inside yourself for what you know is right
Instead of moving all the places when you don't know where to go
Maybe you should realize it's yourself you're searching for
You should know
Track Name: Black Witch (ft Heather Cousins)
If there was a witch or an enchantress or a sorceress
Who could change your fortune and give you all would you make a wish
And if you asked her what is the cost
She would tell you with her fingers crossed
There is not a price that you must pay

The witch could change your fate, don't wait til it's too late
But never lose control, or she will steal your soul

Crystals and incense, smoking cauldrons of frankincense
In candlelight she'll exorcise demons that haunt inside
She'll hand you a rose and tell you all you want to know
Just don't let her curse your soul
Track Name: Black Hole
There's a black hole in your closet and it keeps sucking you back in
Is this truly how you wanted it or just how you thought you'd best fit in
As you fall deeper going farther you've lost touch with where you began
I was so confused when I saw you I introduced myself again

I have seen that look in your eyes
And I don't know what it says or above what it must rise
You've made it here and I guess I'm not surprised
But if you think you're missing out well then it's really not alright

It's not what you wanted stuck in a routine
I admit I have had the same feelings
You're lost somewhere I don't know
You can't grow when you're lying to even yourself
It's fucking hell it's fucking hell

When I got back to the party you were just stepping out to leave
You had other obligations to go and be all you could be
And if I could ever go back to then I'm not sure what I'd think
Cuz you went and turned your life around before I had the time to blink

A part of you you're always gonna hide
That you just can't accept that you just can't deny
I know how it feels to be someone else inside
The person that you were is trying to say goodbye

I've seen the way that you look I've seen
And I know you used to have way different dreams
You're gone somewhere in the world
Lost and twirling around I wish that you were near
I'll be right here, I'll be here
Track Name: You Must Be Confused
I've seen the way that you look at me
You think that you fell for me
Baby don't you know that gives me the creeps
You see your future walking hand in hand
That's not a part of my plan
Guess I'll just have to break your heart again

This is only temporary, your love started to scare me
I am not the one for you, so you must be confused

You need to realize those feelings that you feel for me
Were never real and that's the deal
It's in your head, it's only make believe
Track Name: Norm
I don't wanna tell you what I think about you
Cuz I know that wouldn't be very nice
I'm just trying to go and sit by myself now
And not listen to any of your advice
That seems to be my favorite thing to do
Even though I don't like anything at all
I guess I've got nothing else to lose
Still I can't listen to you talk

I don't mean to bring you down but I don't have nothin to say
I'm not the person you expected and I wish you'd just walk away
You just keep going on about nothing and drinking beer
I'm kinda bummed I know you said I'm fucking weird
I'll never be a norm who pours bullshit in your ear

I'm at the show looking for some other place to go
Where I can be alone for a minute
I was just find til you came and crossed my path
Now I've got anxiety I can't forget it
I've tried and I've tried and it's not good enough
I'm giving up on friendship unless there is love
Track Name: Pink Triangle Pt 3
Never believed in love at first sight, this could be it
I dreamed and longed for a kiss in the mosh pit
The full moon's beaming down and she's weighing on my heart
The beams that brought us together are now tearing us apart
Everything happens for a reason, let's meet again another season

I wanna make it known I'm not fucking alone
Forbidden love is all I have
Why is it so wrong I've been waiting so long
I'm moving forward not back
And I don't care if you've got a problem with that

And I will never tell but I will never let it go
I can't have you in my arms but in my heart I'm yours you know
Track Name: Ashtray
My whole life is an ashtray I've got a blackened soul
I don't know where I'm going but I'm not losing control
Well at least that's what I say before I fall into another hole
But I don't really mind it cuz you're here smokin a bowl

I won't look back at where I lacked
I can't really mind since I don't have a mind
And I don't really have the time to just sit around and whine
I'll just keep on telling myself I'm well myself I'm well

Well I don't think it's possible for me to ever be more happy than this with myself is what I keep telling myself
And maybe one day it will work and I can just chill the fuck out but until then I'm just a jerk

All the things that you tell me I can hear them but they don't sink in
I got locked out of this world and I can't seem to break in
But you're always beside me and I don't know how you understand
It's like we were meant to meet it's like this was all planned

Do you think I could maybe try to take your hand you're a gentlewoman
And I think that it's alright it's a very special night
Let's just keep on telling ourselves as well ourselves as well

Now I've fallen back into this place submerged in thoughts I can't erase
Someone help me out or help me die I'm just like this I don't know why
Everybody tells me all the time I can't read between the lines
I'm too busy trying to find where I lost my mind

The holes getting deeper and I'm losing all control
And I'll never tell you so you'll never have to know
Track Name: Black Angel Pt 2
I know she's waiting for me, yeah I know where I'll find her
She's an immortal babe, she's on par with mother earth
I don't know what she's thinkin bout, could it be me
I'd bury myself alive if she was next to me

She's not dead to me, how could she be
There's no date of death on her tombstone
She gives advice to me for free
She's not trying to pull a Miss Cleo
If I could see her now, I would ask her just one thing
In another dimension would she wear my engagement ring