Meet The Cats

by Kate Kane

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Click on the song titles to see cat portraits and lyrics. More cat songs coming someday.


released April 16, 2011



all rights reserved


Kate Kane Coralville, Iowa

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Track Name: Lily
The oldest cat that lives here I think is Lily
She always acts so proud, but I don't think she is really
When I'm gone I like to think she gets real silly
And has parties, and cooks a big pot of chili
Oh, Lily
It's a Lily generation
Here it's constant cat vacation
And I think she parties too hard with the whiskey
And she's addicted to friskies

The only kind of bars she likes are the dilly
But please don't give her those,
Cats can't digest the dairy
She's an old maid, don't think she'll ever marry
Cuz she's too wild
For breakfast she eats canaries
I think she's an aries
It's a Lily generation
Her favorite band is Billy Raygun
And I think she should cut back on all the cat nip
But she's my little chicken strip
Track Name: Kiki
I like wakin up with my kiki sleepin by my feet
I like introducing him to all the kitties that I meet
Cuz I know he's the best, the other kitties don't give him no contest

Kiki I love you, you're my best friend
And everything I do is for you

My mind's getting lost, but I always know where Kiki's at
He's right by the window, now he's rollin over on his back
Cuz he thinks he's a bunny, and he doesn't get why everybody thinks he's funny
Track Name: Watson
Watson, I had the best conversation with you the other day
You always seem to get me more, from what you say
I think you should audition for the chamber choir
Don't lie, it's been your secret desire

Someday you'll find that you're leading the choir
You've got on your fancy suit
You're straight in line, and you're looking so fine
You are the best cat recruit
Best cat recruit
Track Name: Ralph
Ralph they say you look like roadkill
Or that roadkill looks better than you
Still everyday your heart keeps singing
Though your tail might be covered in poo

I guess the other cats don't like you
So you're always hangin with my mom
Even though she's afraid to pet you
Cuz your hair keeps falling out it's almost gone

And you back my belief
There's a soul I can't see
The way you came to me was fate
It was a dark stormy night
You came to our headlights
And you knew not to be afraid
When death was standing in your way

I believe that cats go to heaven
Especially if they have love in their heart
If there were angels that were also cats then
I'd like to put them all in a shopping kart
Angel cat shopping kart
Track Name: Louise
Louise you're not a cat, you're a feather
You're so elegant, you're so divine
Would you like a little sweater?
I'll knit you a custom fit design

I feel so guilty when I have to leave her at home
I call, and call, and call
But she won't answer the phone

When I come home and turn on the lights
Louise is lookin siamese in her eyes
I asked her what the hell she's doin all night
She wouldn't say, but I think later she might

Since I got back she's been purrin
She's conducting so much energy
And she's shedding she's so furry
I'm covered in cat hair head to knee

But I don't mind it, I just wanna teach her guitar
She sheds, and sheds, and sheds
But I just want her to shred
Track Name: Walter
Walter, come sit at the kitchen table
We've got some issues to discuss
When you are ready and feel able
Can you explain to me this fuss

I thought we talked about it
You looked like you got the just
Don't you feel sad about it
Do you feel bad for what you've done

You are such a bad cat, you are such a bad cat
You peed on the skull hat
You can't fuckin fix that
But you've got a mustache, you've still got a mustache
You'd belong in the trash, if you didn't have a mustache

Walter, why don't you speak freely
It's okay I just wanna know
Can you please tell me discreetly
Why did you let yourself go

I will go on about it til you give me some excuse
Please just tell me about it
Did you drink too much juicy juice