The Indigo Boyz Acoustic Demos

by Kate Kane

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released October 6, 2012



all rights reserved


Kate Kane Coralville, Iowa

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Track Name: You, Me, and The Beach
Hey there Bette, smokin' on a cigarette
You don't look very happy to me
Give me a drag, you're not a hag
Under the bleachers is where you wanna be

You like to tap dance, every night and day
Well hold onto that dream now baby, you're not far away

I've had dreams of running down the beach with you
The sky is raining roses, and I can't see
Maybe one day, we'll meet and I can take you there for real
Just you, me, and the beach

Hear that sound, it's you Cici queen of the lounge
Fighting off the broken glass every night
I came so far, to find you in a bar
The only one of ten here who stands in the light

But you've got potential, that gleam in your eye
And I can't take mine off of you, obsessive a bit slight

Why can't I see you in real life, I wanna be you or your wife
I wanna make you happy, I wanna make your hands clappy
Track Name: Pat
It's a great fun adventure, if you like gender benders
This is gonna be your favorite fuckin show of all time
I'd be really excited, if I was invited
To a movie night, and we gotta watch Paaaaaaat

There's a banana and some nuts in Pat's pocket
Found the password to Pat's diary, and I'm gonna unlock it
Pat just got kicked out of the grocery store
I'm not sure what for, I wanna know moooore

Here comes the mail, or is it a female
Here comes the mail, or is it a female
Male femaaaaaaale, I really can't tell

I got a new neighbor, Pat could you do a favor
Whip out your dick, are you a dude or a chick
And you know those two Kathys that make me so laughy
Could you introduce me to that Kathy Griiiiiffin

I wanna know all of Pat's innermost thoughts and feelings
And tell Pat to put on something a bit more revealing
We could sit for hours and talk about bath mats
And that's where I'm at, sweet mystery that is Pat